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If your Mac is running slow There are many options to correct the issue. The first step is to launch the Activity Monitor and look whether there are any issues with memory use. Choose the process you’re experiencing and then click to quit. If the application takes up too much memory then you should close it and restart it later. You can use the System Memory tab as well to speed my mac see if any slow processes are running on your Mac.

Another cause of your computer’s performance being slow is processor. Close any program that uses too much CPU. In order to do that, start the Activity Monitor and then click the “X” button underneath the window’s small buttons. Then, you can utilize Google to find programs that use excessive CPU power, if you’re not sure of what ones. This should give you an idea of the apps that are making your Mac to be slow.

If your hard drive is full the drive can also trigger your Mac to slow down. The operating system can run slow if there are too many programs. It is possible to delete any files that which you do not use, or transfer them to a different location. Open Activity Monitor to see a listing of all running processes on your Mac. There are a few issues that should be apparent – they are an indication that your Mac is running too many programs all at the same time.