Kichi scolds two of them to possess seeking betray the best choice

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Kichi scolds two of them to possess seeking betray the best choice

Meanwhile his actors was penniless and can’t actually afford to buy the newest prostitutes of your brothel. But then he is the person who operates out to the money. The newest troupe becomes together one last time, including an excellent taciturn Sumiko, additionally the frontrunner drinks on good old fashioned moments, when you are stars initiate considering future work. Just after separating together with them, the top check outs their dated girlfriend one more time and you will she convinces your to tell Kiyoshi the actual situation. Just then Kayo is informing Kiyoshi that they have to area as the this woman is maybe not well worth him. He brings their domestic in which the chief loses his vibe and you will slaps in that person. His mother screams at the him your old man is actually his father, although child does not want to deal with him but still phone calls him “uncle”.

Meanwhile a classic pal regarding Noriko, this new good looking widower Teramoto, try dispatched to some other urban area

The best choice recognizes that the fresh new kid is good when you look at the refusing a dad which abandoned him, in addition to old-man decides to get-off, and you will before you leave he says to Kayo she has his recognition. The outdated son actually leaves which have a grin. An excellent heartbroken Kayo pleads Kiyoshi and make tranquility with the dated son, but, if the son comes back, the outdated child is heading for the latest train station, and his awesome mother says to the latest guy to not stop him. From the stop he suits Sumiko and so they begin think a special theatrical strategy.

Akibiyori/ A peaceful Autumn Time/ Late Autumn (1960) is focused on the fresh new close bond ranging from one mommy and her just girl. Miwa’s widow Akiko is still attractive even after becoming middle-aged. She has a young girl, Ayako, that is off marrying years but does not have any focus to find a spouse due to the fact she wants to are nevertheless together with her mom even with brand new distinct courtship a good prospect, Goto. The brand new nearest and dearest understand that Ayako will get married only when their mommy does, so they really try to find the girl a partner. This will make Ayako angry.

Kohayagawa-ke No Aki/ Trip towards Kohayagawa Members of the family/ The end of June/ Very early Fall (1961) output toward Noriko trilogy. It is unusually light-hearted as well as comic. You’ll find fundamentally a few protagonists: Noriko as usual is the solitary child (exactly who in this instance chooses to hop out their birthplace and begin an alternate lifestyle) and her dad is actually a great scoundrel who created the family’s organization nevertheless now was indulging in the sin of a keen illegitimate dating, indifferent from what some one believe. The existing guy is floating to the demise which have a content smile. Noriko, still-young, decides to alive the life span she wants, and never the life span one to anybody else predict from this lady. Total, Ozu seems to undertake life-and-death, and you may demistify one another. One or two men see into the a cafe or restaurant.

Her mom, however, at some point convinces this lady discover married, to be certain the lady that she will be able to live happily alone

One is the latest uncle out of a widow who would like to expose the woman to help you his buddy, a heart-old organization-child. The latest widow, Akiko, who work in the a museum, turns up sporting a vintage costume outfit that’s humble and you may bashful. The business-child is actually positively impressed. Akiko’s cousin Noriko is still single. She dresses in the West gowns it is similarly polite and you may reserved. She is having a job interview with a candidate off her very own, needed of the the lady father. His household members stage a farewell restaurants to have him, and you will Noriko by yourself pursue your towards the train station so you’re able to bid farewell. New eldest girl, Fumiko, which together with wears conventional clothing, try happily ily was baffled of the a mystery: their dated dad goes out seem to.