In their eyes this new journey’s constantly small; These are typically pleased because you please, A-driving on the Fairy Judge Toward backs off bumble-bees

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In their eyes this new journey’s constantly small; These are typically pleased because you please, A-driving on the Fairy Judge Toward backs off bumble-bees

We Prefer it’s not ‘arf my personal opportunity to continue plodding ‘neath my personal package, Parading particularly a beneficial snail as a consequence of France, My house abreast of my personal bloomin’ straight back.

My wants was couples, exactly what Now i need Ain’t less off bully stew, Neither cookies, that’s an effective mongrel’s supply, However,, matey, only ‘twixt you and me –

When winks the first night celebrity, And you will shadows o’er the latest trenches been – If only the latest sergeants introduced a container, And you may approved twice tots regarding rum.

Four because of the four, during the line out-of channel, By paths your poplars sentinel, Clank from rifle and you will crunch from footwear – Are typical marching as well as is really. Light, therefore white is the distant moon, Salmon-green ‘s the furnace shine And we also hum, as we february, a ragtime tune, Khaki boys on long platoon, In a position to own something – anyplace.

Lonely nevertheless the latest community lies, Brand new house sleep in addition to blinds try removed, The street is actually straight because round flies, And now we go marching towards the start; Salmon-green ‘s the heating system sheen. Where the coal hemorrhoids vast majority regarding the ghostly air Brand new enough time platoons away from home have emerged, Absolutely nothing connecting records anywhere between, Swinging and you can moving, anyplace.

The field is red with poppy vegetation, Where mushroom meadows stand; It’s merely eight fairy instances Following that to Fairyland.

Today if star-shells riot right up Into the flares of reddish and you can green, Each fairy departs the lady buttercup And you can goes toward come across this lady queen.

The fresh new cricket and the grasshopper Is thridding regarding yard, And you may and then make paths regarding gossamer To own fairy base to pass.

Whene’er We select a glow-worm light During the Boyau seventeen, I’m sure the fresh fairies go you to definitely evening Observe the fresh new Fairy Queen.

I have a large French rifie, the inventory is actually riddled clean, And you may shrapnel-broke their barrel, as well their journal. You will find lugged it regarding Bethune so you’re able to Loos and back out-of Loos again, I’ve found they for the battlefield amidst the latest troops slain. A tiny battle souvenir for starters over the lather Which is when the this new French government have a tendency to allow me to take it home.

Where absolutely nothing, ghostly moonbeams stray Courtesy mushroom alleys white, New fairies go on its ways A radiance-worm light having light

I will take it straight back a souvenir to at least one along side foam. Which is in the event your French government have a tendency to i’d like to bring it home, That’s if our own government gives me personally exit to own household.

The night time is still and the air was enthusiastic, Tense which have risk committed crawls of the, At the front ‘s the city and its particular property have emerged, Fuzzy into the story against the air.

You will find had a long, much time sabre due to the fact sharp because the one lance, ‘Twas transmitted because of the a shepherd son off certain- where Southern area for the France Where grasses wave and poppy-plants is red since the bloodstream try yellow, I grabbed this new shepherd’s sabre with the shepherd guy set deceased

The fresh dry makes drift on the sighing air, The brand new darkness moves instance good curtain removed, A veil that early morning sunrays usually rip Throughout the face off passing. – We charge at the dawn.

Whenever sit-to help you hr is over we hop out brand new parapet, And scamper to the dug-over to smoking a cigarette; The fresh new blog post has brought during the parcels and you will emails for us all the, And now we’re going to light a great candle, a tiny cent candle, A small tallow candle, and you can place it towards the wall surface.

Ebony shadows cringe and you will cower towards the rooftop and wall surface and you will flooring, And you can nothing roving breezes become rustling through the doorway; I open up brand new characters of members of the family along side soap, And you may view go back to London, once more we think of London area – We see the latest bulbs out of London, from London as well as family.