8. has actually 39.1 million followers on Weibo

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8. has actually 39.1 million followers on Weibo

Wang Yibo keeps over 39.1 million followers on Weibo , and is also among the leading couple of Chinese influencers on application alongside Xiao Zhan and Wang Junkai.

9. really loves skateboarding and had his or her own skateboarding program

Though Wang Yibo first started studying skateboarding through possible tv show also known as One More test in 2019, skateboarding has now being one of his biggest passions.

He even launched his very own skateboarding vlog known as aˆ? Yibo’s Skateboard class aˆ? in 2019 to fairly share secrets with his enthusiasts. In 2020, he was appointed as Asia’s Skateboarding Ambassador and consistently upload skateboarding photographs on line till today.

10. Is actually a professional bike racer

As men of many talents and appeal, Wang Yibo can be recognized for becoming a specialist motorcycle racing. Since 2019, he has got started a member of Yamaha China race Team. He then went on to take part in the Asia roadway Skating title in 2019 and acquired first devote the novice division.

It really is fascinating to see how Yibo’s appeal can turn into new ventures for your – like with skateboarding, he had been additionally designated Asia’s skateboarding publicity ambassador by the Chinese federal government.

11. he is afraid of ghosts and deep

In a behind-the-scenes meeting your Untamed with BAZAAR , Yibo announced that he’s scared of ghosts together with dark. Even when you are considering thriller or horror motion pictures, he’s scared of them besides.

An additional meeting with Tong Dao Uncle , Yibo discussed he keeps a certain program in relation to sleeping alone in rooms in hotels. The actor initially has to switch it to channel CCTV5 along with it to amount degree 3 before they can drift off – a hilariously endearing program which makes you like him a lot more.

12. are a brandname ambassador for almost 40 brand names in China

As one of Asia’s the majority of influential celebrities, it’s no surprise that Wang Yibo was a brandname ambassador for pretty much 40 companies – an astonishing high number of advertising, when we can say so our selves.


Included in these are deluxe manufacturer particularly Chanel, whereby he is the youngest Chinese brand ambassador, to makeup manufacturer like Shu Umera. He is additionally a familiar face to manufacturer for sale in Singapore eg Miniso and Evisu.

13. introduced a track for group of Legends

On , Wang Yibo revealed a design track called aˆ?Burn it-all Downaˆ? when it comes to category of stories World tournament 2021 last S11.

Though he’s hectic with efforts, Yibo is clearly nevertheless a child in mind. As a gamer that played this game for some time, he got to their Weibo page to express their interest for this song venture.

14. Try close friends with EXO’s Lay and GOT7’s Jackson

Wang Yibo can good friends along with other well-known Chinese K-pop idols eg EXO’s Lay and GOT7’s Jackson. The trio found in a variety tv show labeled as Street Dance of Asia, where these were dance captains in period 3.

Road party of Asia month 4 launched that Yibo and Lay will be coming back with each other, alongside Henry and Han Geng, who happen to be ex-Super Junior people.

While followers overlooked the insane enjoyable the Wang brothers (Wang Yibo and Jackson Wang) got with each other in season 3, we are looking towards seeing an innovative new mix of fun with these captains in season 4.

15. Are a co-host of a popular Chinese assortment program known as day-day Up

Wang Yibo is a co-host of a favorite Chinese type program also known as day-day Up since 2016. The tv show subject Tiantian Xiangshang (a¤©a¤©a?‘a?S) had been inspired by an idiom by Mao Zedong, therefore aˆ?study hard to create advancement every dayaˆ?.